Who is GlamOZon?

Glamozon is an Australian owned and run business in New South Wales. We’re female and have personally experienced the affects of breast cancer in our immediate family, as well as in our extended family and friends. For more information see our About Us page here!

What is GlamOZon?

We’re a business that sees women who have experienced cancer and mastectomies as the total warriors that they are- courageous and strong, as the modern day embodiment of glorious Amazonian women. Many companies tend to see these women as victims, to be pitied, and wrapped in cotton wool. Everything is pink, and fragile and weak. We don’t see women as victims, we see them as people who have faced one of the hardest challenges anyone has had to face and yet they haven’t given up, they have fought. That is strength, that is power.

We like to be able to provide you with a different range of breast cancer products. Products that are practical as well as pretty. Products for not just your body but also to help with your emotions.

What does GlamOZon sell?

We sell products to help women who have had breast cancer and subsequent mastectomies. We have standard triangular shaped breast prostheses available in silicone, lightweight silicone and fabric. We sell post operative pillows in a choice of fabrics so that they are comfortable and suitable no matter what the season and weather. We have flower essences in a variety of mixes to help you with emotions and mental states that you may be dealing with, coffee mugs for when you want to have a relaxing break and jewellery to remind you of the warrior that you are, as well as providing you with the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy.

We will continue to expand our product range as time goes on to help you in as many aspects of your life as we can.

What is the difference between the range of GlamOZon prostheses?

Both standard types are made from silicone rubber however the lightweight version is a lighter type of silicone. Lightweight prostheses are approximately 40% lighter than their equivalent cup size in standard silicone. Fabric prostheses are super lightweight compared to either of the silicone prostheses, being approximately 90% lighter than the standard silicone.

Standard silicone prostheses have a texture more similar to actual breast tissue, they are quite soft and flexible and will have a natural drop when held from the top. Lightweight ones are more firm and perky and are not as affected by gravity when held from the top, they have less give. Fabric prostheses are quite adaptable, they are not the texture of breast tissue, feeling more like soft cushions as they are filled with fibrefill stuffing. Firmness and perkiness can be adjusted to suit your personal preference by easily adding or removing filling.

Lightweight prostheses have a more milky colour tone whereas standard silicone have a more beige tone. Both have their colour easily concealed beneath a bra. Fabric prostheses are currently available as the stereotypical ‘nude’ beige colour. Other colours will be available in the future.

It is hard to show texture over the internet however we have some photos below to help show the comparison between the two:

Standard Silicone         Lightweight          Fabric     

Standard Silicone           Lightweight         Fabric     

Standard Silicone           Lightweight        Fabric       

Standard Silicone           Lightweight          Fabric     

Standard Silicone          Lightweight           Fabric     

Standard Silicone                        Lightweight                  Fabric         

What colour are your prostheses and covers available in?

At this stage all of our prostheses and covers are available in the stereotypical ‘nude’ colour, with the lightweight silicone prostheses being a more milky creamy colour than the standard silicone prostheses. Fabric prostheses come in a beige colour.

We understand that ‘beige’ is not a universal skin tone, regardless of what the fashion and cosmetic industries marketing teams would like you to believe. Not everyone’s ‘nude’ skin colour is beige.

We’re endeavouring to have other skin tones available in the future so please check back soon.

Do you have a Care Guide?

Our Care Guide can be find in the Help and Support section here.

How soon after surgery should I get a breast prosthesis?

We recommend you wait a period of 6-8 weeks after surgery before using a standard silicone or lightweight prostheses to allow adequate time for healing, and for swelling to go down. Fabric prostheses can be used as soon after surgery as you like, as long as you are comfortable.

Why does my PayPal receipt say OHS Documents Australia on it?

Glamozon Mastectomy Products is a trading name of OHS Documents Australia, unfortunately with PayPal you can’t specify on the receipt which trading name the purchase is being made under and it will only list the parent company name. We apologise for any confusion in this regard and want to assure you that your information, purchase details and payment has gone to Glamozon Mastectomy Products and your purchase will be processed by Glamozon.

The transaction on your banking statement should show as “Glamozon”. For further information click here.

Can I have more information on Payments?

More information on payments can be found here.

How do I find out about Breast Prostheses Rebates from Medicare, The Department of Veterans’Affairs, and Private Health Funds?

To find out information about the External Breast Prostheses Reimbursement Program please look here.

Do you have information on your Shipping, Returns or General Terms and Conditions?

Yes you can find information on our Shipping, Returns and Terms and Conditions here.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Our Privacy Policy can be found here.