Fabric Prosthesis Plain Colour

Fabric Prosthesis Plain Colour


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Fabric prostheses are a great alternative to silicone and lightweight breast forms and they are fantastic for so many reasons! Lightweight, easy to wash and comfortable enough to wear every day (and night!)

Fabric prostheses can be used immediately following surgery, throughout the day, sport and during sleep. Our fabric prostheses are available in a variety of sizes and we are looking at having more sizes available in the future.

Our fabric prostheses are available in a variety of sizes. For detailed information on how to work out which size you need, please read the information below before ordering.

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If you don’t want a heavy standard silicone prosthesis then this is a perfect alternative. There is no weight on your back, chest or shoulders. These forms are easily slipped into your bra and can help you nicely fill out the shape of your clothing. Fabric forms can be worn every day, no matter the season, as the fabric breathes well.  Easycare fabric also makes washing a breeze.

As fabric prostheses don’t have the weight of silicone ones they can be perkier as they aren’t affected as much by gravity. Fabric prostheses are..fabric! so they breathe much better than silicone, it stops you getting sweaty so you can stay dry and comfy.

Fabric forms are great for every day use, they are comfortable enough to do sport in and to wear while relaxing, and sleeping!

As well as being comfortable and giving your silhouette a nice shape, fabric prostheses can be fun- check our website soon for a range of fun colours!


As we are an online company it is not possible to try our products on as you would in a shop. You should know your size, as accurately as possible, before making any purchases. If you feel any discomfort, or have any problems with the look or feel of your prostheses after purchase, please let us know. To work out your correct size, please read our sizing page before ordering. Each fabric form features a little opening so that small amounts of stuffing can be removed or added as you wish,  to subtly decrease or increase their fullness.

Unilateral mastectomy (one breast removed)

It is important to have a prosthesis that matches your remaining breast. If you can find a good fitting bra for your breast then you can get a prosthesis to match that size.

Bilateral mastectomy (both breasts removed)

You can choose to have the size prostheses you prefer. You can go smaller than you naturally were, as long as you are happy with your chest/scar coverage, or, if you want to go bigger you can, but should keep in mind that you may not be used to the extra weight so it may be uncomfortable on your back, neck or shoulders. Most fitters would recommend only going up or down a cup size from your original, natural breast size, to be comfortable and compliment your body shape.


Fabric prostheses are made from a nylon spandex (lycra) fabric, which makes them smooth, soft and comfortable against your skin. They have a premium, polyester filling that is soft, pillowy and super lightweight.

Below are some photos to help show the fabric prostheses texture:



The colour of our fabric prostheses is what is generally referred to as ‘nude’. A beige colour, so they are non-descript underneath your clothing. We understand that many products are called ‘nude’ without considering the fact that caucasian ‘nude’ is not a universal skin colour! we’re endeavouring to have more skin tones available in the future so please keep an eye out on our website.

As well as our camouflaging skin tones,  we will have a range of fun colours available soon, so please keep an eye out on our page!

Below we have some photographs of our fabric prostheses, to give you a better idea of our standard colour tone.





Taking Care of your Prostheses:

Fabric prostheses are made from an easy care fabric that makes washing a breeze. Cleaning and looking after your prostheses properly will help them to last longer. For washing instructions see our Care Guide in the Help and Support section: https://glamozon.com.au/care-guide/


Each fabric breast prosthesis is lovingly handmade, so slight variations or imperfections in stitching can happen. Such variations are inherent in the manufacturing of handmade products and should not be seen as a fault. They will never affect the overall aesthetic of the product and its ability for use as intended.