Flower Essences Glamozon Mix

Flower Essences Glamozon Mix


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‘Glamozon Mix’ is a special combination for our Glamozon warriors, this blend contains flowers that will help with common emotions that may come up when facing breast cancer as well as post-operatively.

For detailed information on conditions this blend can help with please read below…

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We have made our signature Glamozon mix to contain flowers that cover a wide range of emotions and mental states that often come up when someone has faced breast cancer and mastectomies. These feelings may include worry, stress, fear, lack of confidence or not feeling attractive, terror, depression and exhaustion. Their unique combination will help you to rest, put your mind at ease, restore your vitality and live your life without fear.

4 drops can be taken whenever needed, in a glass of water or any beverage and then sipped, or directly under the tongue.

Glamozon Mix can help support you mentally and emotionally for:

  • Fears, phobias and terror
  • A diagnosed illness serious enough that those around you also feel fear
  • Hiding your fear and pain from others for a variety of reasons
  • Tiredness and exhaustion after a lengthy ordeal
  • Physical and mental suffering
  • Lack of strength
  • Long term stress
  • Anxiety, panic or hysteria
  • Feeling as though you are falling to pieces and cannot cope
  • Difficulty in thinking coherently
  • Decision making extremely difficult
  • Pessimism
  • Persistent unwanted negative thoughts
  • Thinking in circles where your mind cannot rest
  • Mental arguments
  • Hard to focus and concentrate, mind is always preoccupied
  • Inability to switch off leading to insomnia or depression
  • Low self esteem, feeling bad about yourself
  • Dislike of your physical appearance
  • Having trouble coming to terms with physical changes
  • Focusing on any perceived physical flaws

Our Glamozon Mix can help to:

  • Assist you in staying calm
  • Help you have courage
  • Help you to leave your fears behind
  • Help you stay strong
  • Give you faith and perseverence
  • Give you energy or the ability to rest
  • Clarity and peace
  • Ability to think constructively, helps you think straight
  • Ability to deal rationally and calmly with your problems
  • Feeling cleansed
  • Regaining perspective
  • Feel good about yourself
  • Enjoy life unhindered