Flower Essences Made 4 Me Mix

Flower Essences Made 4 Me Mix


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‘With Made 4 Me’ you can choose your own combination of any 5 of the 38 flowers to design your own custom blend.

For detailed information on the flowers please read information below the list and then select 5 flowers from the checklist…

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With a Made 4 Me Mix you can choose your own combination of 5 flowers to suit your own personal preferences. The remedies are in 7 different emotional “categories” so this may assist in your choice. It can feel a bit of a challenge making your own mix as there are so many flowers (38!) to choose from.

Make yourself a nice hot cuppa and sit down with a pen and paper. Think about how you are feeling a lot of the time and what you would like to change. Select flowers that stand out to you and eliminate any you don’t find relevant (remember to try and be objective). Narrow it down to a few negative emotions you’d like help with. You can always ask for some advice from a friend if you have trouble choosing.

Keep going until you have a shortlist of 5……..

4 drops can be taken whenever needed, in a glass of water or any beverage and then sipped, or directly under the tongue.

The Flowers….


Aspen vague fears and worries you don’t know the origin of, anxiety, feeling something is wrong but being unsure what it is. Aspen can help you live life unafraid and have the faith to be adventurous.

Cherry Plum for fear of mental collapse, distress, on the verge of a nervous breakdown and fear of losing control. This will give you inner calmness and the ability to remain calm under stress.

Mimulus for a fear of known things, like phobias, when you are insecure, or shy. Mimulus will help give you composure and allow you to carry on in a calm manner.

Red Chestnut fear or over concern for other people, being self sacrificing or taking on others problems, over protectiveness and worry. Red Chestnut will help you remain calm.

Rock Rose helps with terror, panic and hysteria, when you feel you’re falling to pieces. This flower will help give you courage.


Heather this remedy is for self pity or obsession with your own troubles. It can help with selflessness if you feel like you need to put your worries aside to give your full attention to others. It helps with sympathy and understanding.

Impatiens this flower helps if you are hasty or intolerant mentally or physically, if you are easily frustrated, irritable, demanding or get bored easily. You may feel guilty or have self doubt.

Water Violet pride and aloofness. This helps reserved people who are like a castle and don’t want to be involved. Feel they control themselves too much, are independent and need lots of personal space. They suffer in silence.

Insufficient Interest in Present Circumstances

Clematis Clematis can help bring you down to earth if you feel vague, indifferent or withdrawn. If you have no motivation in the present this flower can ground you and help you realize your true potential.

Honeysuckle can help you move forward while keeping the wisdom of what you have learnt from your experiences. If you have regrets, look back with sadness or hold on to the past this can help.

Wild Rose for apathy, if you feel weak, unhappy, nihilistic and resigned because you have lost the will to fight, this will help you become involved and renew your vitality.

Olive if you have had your vitality sapped and are too tired after illness, if you have complete physical and mental exhaustion after long term stress this can help strengthen you.

White Chestnut if you are tortured by persistent unwanted worrying thoughts where your mind is preoccupied this can help give you clarity and peace to use your thoughts constructively. For when you can’t switch off to the point of insomnia or depression.

Mustard if you have a black cloud of depression or despair where you have lost hope for no apparent reason this flower can help give you optimism, joy and stability.

Chestnut Bud if you haven’t learnt from your past mistakes and repeat them because you are impatient and careless to rush into the next situation. Chestnut Bud can help you be present and attentive.

Despondency and Despair

Larch when you feel inferior or lack the confidence to try because you expect to fail. When you are hesitant or doubt yourself this will help with feelings of inadequacy and give you the courage to take a risk.

Pine if you doubt yourself, feel undeserving because you look at yourself negatively, critically or set high standards for yourself, Pine will help you realize your self worth.

Elm if you are overwhelmed and are having feelings of inadequacy where you cannot cope. If you are despondent because you are overburdened with responsibility.

Sweet Chestnut if you have experienced mental despair but kept it to yourself, if you have inner suffering, and a sense of loss and emptiness because you feel alone. This remedy will give you strength and the ability to ask for help.

Star of Bethlehem this flower is great for shock and trauma, for those who have had an accident, are numb, in grief or refuse to be consoled. You will be able to pick up the pieces without being affected by distress from the past

Willow if you are focused on the negative and are despondent, bitter or resentful. Any smouldering anger at feeling a victim of fate, this flower will help give you optimism a renewed faith in life.

Oak after being overworked, brave, struggling and exhausted but still going on. If you have persevered against the odds and are feeling the effects of endurance under pressure this flower will help your stability and give you the courage to fight without losing hope.

Crab Apple if you feel bad about yourself or your appearance, are fussy, obsessed with detail, feel unclean or have any self hatred, this flower will help you regain perspective and enjoy your life unhindered.


Cerato if you lack self confidence and doubt your own judgement, if you are easily led or distrust yourself this flower can give you trust and the ability to be decisive.

Scleranthus if you are uncertain, procrastinate and have scattered energy. If you feel unstable, lack concentration or feel erratic or depressed this flower can help.

Gentian this flower is for depression that has a known cause, where there is a temporary setback that can easily disappoint you. Being pessimistic, negative and easily discouraged. If you want to give up and lack faith this remedy can help you persevere.

Gorse gives hope and fight after a long series of setbacks. If you have had despair and resignation, if you have given up because you think the situation is futile then this flower can give you strength.

Hornbeam if you have the Monday morning feeling where you are bored, tired and unable to cope with daily tasks. If you are weary and procrastinating this flower will help encourage effort and give you energy and belief in your ability.

Wild Oat if you drift, don’t end up finishing things and get bored easily. If you spread yourself in too many directions and can help others get organized, but not yourself, this remedy will help you stop your frustration and dissatisfaction as well as channel your path.


Agrimony for those who hide their worries behind a cheerful face. Make light of their troubles, put on a brave face and don’t complain. This will help you be objective and have inner peace.

Centaury if you have trouble saying no, are submissive, taken for granted, or easily influenced this remedy can help give you personal strength so you are not exploited.

Walnut this is great in times of big changes, it helps break the chains and so is good for bad habits, negative patterns of feeling held back. It can protect from outside influences and help you follow your own path.

Holly if you have any hate, anger, violence, intolerance or irritability, jealousy, distrust or any strongly negative state. This flower will give a happy, loving tolerance and an understanding of the cause of your feelings.

Overcare for Others Welfare

Chicory this flower is for generosity. If you are easily hurt or rejected, over possessive, self centred, ego centric, bossy, clingy or crave attention Chicory can help you to care selflessly and be more giving.

Vervain if you live on nervous energy, are tense, overload yourself with work and have an inability to relax. If your over enthusiasm causes tension, fidgeting, impatience and fanaticism this flower will calm you down, make you more flexible and serene of mind.

Vine Vine is for the boss, those who are good authoritarian leaders. Confident, love power, are ambitious, competitive, dominating, ruthless and inflexible. If you want to have more sympathy, keep cool and lovingly inspire others, Vine can help.

Beech for intolerance, criticism or dissatisfaction. If you find fault easily because you demand order and discipline or are easily annoyed by other’s habits this remedy will give you humility, tolerance and a true understanding of others plights.

Rock Water these people may be seen as uptight as they are ruled by their values, are hard on themselves and have high expectations. They may self deny, repress or be overworked as they have a strict way of life. This flower will give flexibility, tolerance and allow them to enjoy life in a more relaxed manner.